Friday, 15 July 2011

Changing Track

For the third interview we changed track slightly, we were dealing with a member of staff with limited knowledge of XCRI. We decided on sending an early email with the website links and an offline version of the framework, giving the option to fill it in before the meeting or doing it on the day. They turned up with a few items printed out from the email (we pointed them to particular resources on the site) and the worksheet (uncompleted). Our feedback from this session was interesting as this was the first member of staff who had been given this approach. The feedback on the framework was very similar to the first two interviews, however they did have more to say about the online support. This was felt to be very fragmented, with case studies difficult to find, text too small and navigation (breadcrumbs) perceived to change at will making it difficult to navigate back. I have yet to analyse the answers to the framework in comparison to the those given in the first two meetings, however as Director of Quality Improvement the feedback was on raising their awareness of how systems & processes are perceived and understood. They also noted that as an experience it was better to use the interview approach rather than either workshops or trying to fill it in on their own.

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