Monday, 27 June 2011

Reflections of a second experience

After reflecting further on our first interview, and on the time commitment needed from staff in completing the framework, we have completed the second interview on the XCRI-CAP SAF based on the format of the first interview. This ensured we captured first impressions of the framework. The interview was with the Director of Academic Policy and Development, who had more of an overview of XCRI rather than the working knowledge of our Director of Information Services. By doing it this way we managed to make the framework feel very informal, and open discussions around the questions to more in-depth thought than the framework may of originally intended.
The feedback we got from our Director of APD was very similar to that given by the Director of IS. Could this be a sign of things to come? Rather than repeat that feedback I have added the further feedback we got during this interview.
  • Question one for institutional strategic policy assumes you have a course marketing policy
  • Some questions felt like they were more about perception - and would depend on your position as to how they were answered. (This reflects on the question I asked at the end of process, do you feel you should complete this as a group or individual - see below)
  • Definition of terms would be useful - what someone might consider authoritative might not be for someone else in the institution
General feeling was the value of finding out if the university was red/amber/green was immaterial as the business case would/should out weigh the effort involved in getting ready to support /actually doing the work involved for XCRI-CAP.

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